• Recent articles focusing on the “unboss” approach have caught the attention of cutting-edge companies like Zappos. But can the “unboss” movement deliver on its promise of creating high-performing organizations? First, let’s define what we’re talking about. An “unboss” is the antithesis of a traditional manager. The unboss views himself as part of the organization rather […]

    A consensus decision occurs when a group comes together and makes a decision that everyone agrees on. Consensus is often used to forge a sense of unanimity and goodwill. As a result, we often see teams and groups – even entire organizations – operating on the basis of consensus. But despite its advantages, consensus has […]

    Zappos has been in the news recently because of its decision to give bonuses to employees who elect to leave the online retailer. Their rationale?  They only want people who are fully on board with their new employee-driven approach to management. Everyone else is free to go –in fact, they encourage it. Regardless of what you […]

    Building or reinforcing a great culture can require a lot of work. But investing in your company’s culture will have a major impact on performance. What do we mean by culture? Culture is a set of ingrained behaviors or norms that employees display instinctively. It’s the extraordinary customer service you receive. It’s the focus on […]

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