• During one of my workshops on decision making, the head of a large health care system asked me: “Don’t you have some simple formula for flawless decision making, even for tough decisions?” I thought about it for a moment and wrote down three things on a flipchart: 1. Spell it out 2. Follow through 3. Communicate results […]

    When your organization is under fire or in crisis, you need to see yourself as a heat shield. The metaphor is apt. When a space vehicle re-enters the earth’s atmosphere, the heat shield deflects and diffuses the energy that would otherwise burn up the capsule. Similarly, leaders must act as heat shields for their organizations. […]

    Much of the value we provide clients stems from the fact that we have deep expertise in two areas, strategic planning and governance. That expertise provides an important nexus upon which to build stronger, better performing organizations. Governance is all about who makes what decisions. It looks at the role of the board of directors, […]

    By definition, leaders are change agents. Whether it’s launching a new program, entering a new market, or restructuring an organization, leaders have to navigate complex change. To do this well, it’s useful to think about the fact that change needs to be managed effectively at three different levels: the strategic level, the process level, and […]

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