• Building or reinforcing a great culture can require a lot of work. But investing in your company’s culture will have a major impact on performance. What do we mean by culture? Culture is a set of ingrained behaviors or norms that employees display instinctively. It’s the extraordinary customer service you receive. It’s the focus on […]

    Leaders constantly juggle keeping different constituencies happy: customers, shareholders, employees, managers, labor leaders, Board members, regulators and public officials, to name a few. It’s understandable that executives occasionally lose focus while they’re trying to juggle the needs of all these groups. However, building a customer-centric organization can improve nearly every aspect of a company’s performance […]

    Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and communicate effectively to different audiences. It’s the ability to understand your own motivations and feelings. It’s the ability to display confidence while at the same time enabling others to feel confident and successful. Take the following steps to hone your emotional intelligence: Avoid rushing to judgment when […]

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